2 Reliable Ways to Maximize Your AdSense Earnings Almost Immediately


The Keys to Maximize your AdSense Earnings and Make More Money

Hello once again and it is a lovely week from us the Bizop family and you know what we say, it’s better to become your boss. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to instantly maximize your AdSense earnings. So, let’s go.

Men Analyzing AdSense DATA Maximizing AdSense earnings

Now apart from affiliate marketing, selling AD spaces and accepting donations, website owners know that AdSense income is another great way of adding to your earnings. The knowledge of this has caused many webmasters to go after high paying keywords with different methods and tactics. On inputting them onto their page, they expect a lot of improvement on their earnings, something which is not the case at the end of the day.

Where did they go wrong in trying to maximize their AdSense Earnings?

Ok let’s look at it this way, having a blog with the proper keywords is one thing, driving traffic to the page is another, something that majority lack. How can you get visitors to your page with high paying keywords? You need to optimize your site navigation.


Ok, ok, ok let’s stop for a minute and think about how people use your site. After getting to you’re a particular page, they might have the urge to click on another exciting page, based on the links that appear on the initial page they opened in the first place. So, to maximize your AdSense earnings, site navigation is important.

A website has a lot of menu links and with some clearly labeled links like download or free, they are navigated to another web page, one with higher earnings, one where you can make a lot of money from.

So basically, the first page you advertise with might not necessarily be the high paying one but with a little page connectivity where they have to click the next page, you have moved them to a place where the chances of earning much are high, a place they initially wouldn’t have gone.

Before beginning, you need to compare and track some of your high earning pages you want to channel your site to and a good option is to select the pages frequently visited for faster results.


The next step is to come up with a way to make viewers on a particular page click on the link for the high earning pages, something catchy they cannot resist, something not common. There is no principle to getting this done, all you need is a little creativity and you would begin maximizing your AdSense earnings.

Another thing to remember is the location of these descriptions. It is one thing to get the right description, it is another to position it properly. If need be, you can visit other popular pages and check their site navigation as well as the positioning of their links. As I said earlier, something creative and not just the popular ones like “Most Read” etc.


You can try using different texts on different pages and notice which one works and which one does not. as for your positioning, you can put some of the links in the middle and others at the end. You mix it till you get it right. So, start doing this right away and monitor what works and make a pattern out of it. Your AdSense earnings have just hit the roof.

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