4 Places Where You Can Sell Your Things Online to Make Money


So far, we have established the fact that the essence of our being here is helping you make money. Now some might be bored of a lot of things like affiliate marketing and Facebook marketing, some of which we talked about previously- don’t get me wrong, these are very good platforms for making money online, but others would prefer something else.

Looking to cover as many sections as we can with regards to making money online, we look at something new, something with less complexity and less time-consuming. We look at selling your things online and platforms where this can be done.

Do you have extra things lying around at home, things you know is of great value, but you have no use of? Whatever it might be, if it can be of benefit to someone, then it can be sold for good money online.

Here are examples of some of the things you can sell online:


Gift cards

Mobile phones

Computers and computer parts






Signed Jerseys

Selling your things online is very popular because not only can people buy and use these items, they can also resell them. There are many websites where you can list and sell your items but here are some of the best for selling and making money online.

Places to sell your goods

Online store

  1. eBay: with eBay, you can sell practically anything you want. I mean it can be difficult listing your items and making it look good, so good that people would want to but them. If listing your items by yourself would be a problem, eBay provides services for listing your items at a small fee. eBay is one of the best amongst auction sites that help you list your items.
  2. Amazon: an Amazon account is free and easy to sign up for. Once you signup, you can sell anything from video games, electronics and any other things of value. Once you begin selling your items, Amazon always make sure they let you know how much they would pay for the item before you ship it over.
  3. Etsy: with Etsy, you have the chance of selling two types of products (basically the only things they sell) vintage and handmade. If you have any vintage items you wish to sell, Etsy is the place. Things are very easy with Etsy as creating a store is very easy.
  4. Gazelle: Gazelle buys back used electronics like gaming consoles, cameras, and cellphones. Out of all the buyback establishments available, Gazelle is the one with the best reputation.

These sites are popular on media sites with the worth of your items told to you before shipping it over. Selling your things online is easy and with this ease comes your ability to make a lot of money and the sooner you get into these sites and ship them over, the better your chances of making money.


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