4 Quick and Easy Steps to Improve your Google AdWords’ Sales

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The Fastest way to Boost Your Google AdWords’ Sales.

Boosting your click-through rates without the stress of high advertising costs is something you can achieve right away if you pay close attention to the steps we are about to mention in this article. With these four steps, you have the potential of dominating your AdWords’ listings, eventually wiping out your competition in the process. The good thing about these tips is that you can apply them right away so, let’s get started.

Boost AdWords' sales
Boosting Google AdWords’ Sales

Start Using Dynamic Headlines

The dynamic headline replaces your usual ad headline with what is searched by a user online. For example, if the word “house” is searched for, this would appear in the headline. However, if the search is more direct like “New and affordable houses,” then, your default headline would be restored.

You can do this by entering, “{KeyWord:New House}” in the headline section of your ad, making “New House” your default headline. Note that the letters K and W are capitalized which means that the first letter in all your search phrases must be capitalized.

The importance of dynamic headlines can not be overemphasized as they always almost boost your click-through rate significantly even though they sometimes reduce traffic quality in the process. While experimenting with the use of dynamic headlines, if you find a less productive Ad Group, add a qualifier alongside the headline. Examples of qualifiers are “Buy Now”, and “For Serious Buyers Only”, basically any call-out for your target audience.

Test ad Positions

This is also an essential step to improving your Google AdWords’ sales. This is because the highest position produces the Most Traffic, but not significantly The Best quality traffic. So what you can do to get the best is to continuously adjust your bids to target lower positions, probably position three or four, depending on your market.

This is a good idea because many bidders do not have their ads till the end of the day due to the use of top positions which means you get their top positions for a fraction of the cost.

Use Site Selection Correctly

The option of site selection allows you as an advertiser to place your ads on specific content sites, which is entirely different from search traffic and also varies from normal content ads. This is so because instead of the normal pay per click pattern, you are paying for impression – which is the number of times your ad is seen.

You have to understand that many factors make this a good option and many others that make it bad. I say this because some markets produce bad results with search traffic and do well for selected sites.

Why is this so? Well, it happens when a market is in the infant stage, with many users not searching for what is offered. When this happens, the only way to reach the target market is to go to them through news sites, blogs, and discussion forums.

The bottom line is if your search traffic is yielding good results, the best thing might be to stick to pay per click for your content advertising. The only exception is when you have ads that have high click rates because then and only then would paying for impression be better.

Put Your Best Performing Text ad On Your Banner

For many advertisers, one mistake is constant, and that is using only text ads or the unproductive banner ad. The smart way to do things is to find an effective text ad as your banner. This would out-perform text ads and is more cost-effective. Images say a lot of things, but the right words help you make more sales.

Final Thoughts

Improving Google AdWords’ sales is an essential factor when it comes to making the best of your ads and how they affect your business. These tips have instantaneous effects and can immediately work for you once implemented.

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