5 Enemies of Good Spending Habits

Bizopzone- five enemies of your good spending habits

Knowing the enemy to your good spending habits is the first step.

Good spending habits are the platform for making good use of the money made. One might insist he or she has good spending habits when they’re at home at night, or when they are in places where they can’t spend money but the point is, when the paycheck hits, we become a whole different personality and we ask ourselves, how the hell did I spend this money? I thought I had better spending habits than this?

The truth is that we are not guided into some situations that allow us to spend money the way we want. Modern life is full of things that push us towards bad spending habits and away from good spending habits. 

Here are some of the enemies of good spending habits and how to tackle them in your daily activities:

1. Sales

Bizopzone-enemies of good spending Habits.

Sales are something companies use to make buyers make impulsive purchases. With sales, you happen to stumble upon things but at a cheap rate. Majority of times, most of the things we see on sales are wants and not needs and as far as you do not need whatever you buy, then it is a waste of money no matter how cheap it is.


Have a list of your needs and wants and before going through any sales, make sure an item is a need rather than a want before purchasing because every other item is just a waste of money.

2. Social Media

Bizopzone-Social Media making you spend money.

Social media is a useful tool for keeping in touch with family and friends as well as business contacts but has also become an effective tool for nudging you to spend money unnecessarily. Every social media platform has a lot of advertisements which makes it difficult to surf through social media without influencers, ad agencies, and companies convincing you to buy their products.


Take a social media break and give yourself time to restore what gives value to life. try texting, calling and actually seeing people rather than communicating via social media. Restore your social media only if you feel the need to.

3. Online Message Boards

message boards

Virtually the same thing with as social media with websites like Reddit and message boards dedicated to specific topics all having advertisements etched into the content trying to make you buy things you do not need.


Like social media, try taking a break from such sites and messages boards. Find other avenues to spend your time, where you actually live life outside the screens of your devices.

4. Spending time in stores (Online and Offline)

Bizopzone-spending time in stores

Sometimes you are bored, sometimes you want to spend time with loved ones, but all the same, when you get there, you might think you want something, but the fact is that you do not. You’re browsing through the content of a website and you see a link to an exciting online store and you click it. In whatever position you find yourself, you are freely putting yourself there, paying attention to a business that primarily wants to trick you into buying something you do not need.


Do not go to any store (whether online or offline) without the intention of buying anything. Simply have a specific item you want to buy and buy it. If you feel you can do without the list, then be prepared to buy things you do not need.

5. Friends

Bizopzone-friends making you spend

Your friends are the number one enemies of good spending habits. If you have close friends are avid spenders who buy things they don’t essentially need, then, you’re likely to fall into the same category. Bad habit including bad spending habits are contagious and can easily derail your good spending habits. This is not a call to do away with all your friends but a call to wisdom.


Steer all conversations with your friends away from shopping and simply steer conversations to productive avenues.

Final thoughts

The worldwide web has brought new avenues for companies to confuse and make you spend your money recklessly, not caring about your future. There is no perfect solution to controlling your spending habits because it’s not a disease, but the awareness of the problem is what we have brought to your attention and that is the first step towards financial discipline.

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