5 Powerful Tips To Create Effective Facebook Business Page


Facebook has in average 2.32 monthly active users, and one the smartest thing is to create a Facebook Business page. You must remember creating an effective page is important. It is very easy to open Facebook and set up a business page that doesn’t do much to reflect you’re about.

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So let’s discover the most important thing you need to know for creating a Facebook business page.

Be Accurate

It is smart to be accurate when you set up your Facebook business profile. Probably you already have your personal account, but it’s much better if you keep business account separate. Consider creating this that way by limiting those who read your status updates so that your personal posts don’t conflict with your professional posts.

Facebook like all other platforms has privacy settings to control who can see your updates, but you still must remember those settings aren’t perfect for everyone, cross-over is possible, so be careful with your content. Some words you don’t need to share!

Your Business Name

I know a lot of business people who use on their business profiles their real full names. I don’t think it’s a good idea. You are a business, so it should be names that reflect your business.

Other good reason for that – let’s say someday you’ll create another business. Today you sell wristwatches, and the new company is helping people to lose weight. If I see someone do that, I would never take anything from that person. When I buy a wristwatch I want it from someone who sells only wristwatches; else he looks like a fraud for me.

Maybe my example was an overplay, but you need to get the idea. Remember if you use your real name in all your businesses it’s a lot easier for your clients to get hold of you.

Your Logo and Cover

Your logo and cover must be premium quality

You will need to create your logo and choose your page cover. Some people could tell you to use a professional photo of yourself. If you have a good home camera, you could do a great picture, but it’s better for you if you create a professional logo for your page. The reason for that is the same reason I told you to think about the business name. You don’t want to stop on creating one single business. Tomorrow, you’ll think about something new, and it’s better to use for each business his logo, not on five different companies with your photo, it just not looks good.

You don’t have to create a logo by yourself; I suggest you use Fiverr. Fiverr is a company with freelance services. A logo shouldn’t cost you more than 10-20 USD. You may find more freelance companies, but I prefer Fiverr for this particular job.

The cover should describe your business; it is very critical to choose the correct cover for your page. You can’t use a cover with a picture of a personal computer and sell TVs. Also, you can add to a cover your web address, promotion text, etc.

Think Like a Client

If you were a potential client of your business, what would attract your eyes on a page? Be accurate and truthful, but keep your prospect in mind. Remember there are some things your client must see, and others he shouldn’t see – it is not your personal profile, it is your business page. Include those aspects of yourself that coincide with your business intent.


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