6 Easy Steps to Advertising on Facebook


Facebook advertising is one of the best and most used means of Marketing today and why would it not be?

This social media platform has over one billion people active on this platform with over 100 million on their mobiles every month. One might wonder, since this is the ultimate platform for advertising, what does it take to not only advertise on Facebook but also make the most of it.

Statistics have shown that most small business owners fail at placing Facebook advert with the excuse of them finding it too difficult. In this article, we look to demystify the difficulty attached to advertising on Facebook with these 6 steps. Let’s go.

Step 1

Create a Facebook Business page and Ad Account

A successful Facebook AD campaign begins with you having a professional Facebook business page with an “About Section” which is thoroughly descriptive, nice images and organized branding. This gives the people your Ads are being published to a chance to know you and why they should choose you.

A Facebook page should include the following:

  • Profile picture and cover photo
  • Business information
  • Business objectives

Step 2

Choose an objective for your advertising

Facebook business objectives are placed to attract the attention of a user, convert them into customers and earn their trust.

Advertisements on Facebook are categorized into three objectives:

  • Awareness advertisements (Making people aware of your business)
  • Consideration advertisements (making people trust your business)
  • Conversion advertisements (after the aforementioned, people begin to patronize)

Starting a Facebook page as well as other ventures requires you to focus on awareness (getting people to know you) before going to consideration and conversion. When placing an ad, the Ad objective is on the top right-hand section of your Facebook Account where it says “Manage Ads”.

Step 3

Creating a target Audience

Target Audience

This is the point where you have the ability to choose your ideal customers, and determine the psychographics and demographics of these ideal customers. This is essential because if properly done, you not only get to the right people but also attract the right people to your website as well leading to them becoming paying customers.

Choose your ideal customers

Here you create the right target audience by creating a profile of what you define as the ideal customer using psychographics and demographics. Psychographics characterize the personality of your target audience like spending habits and personal values while demographics show characteristics like marital status, location, and age.

Choose the potential reach of your Ad

This is the next step because after determining your audience criteria, Facebook show the potential reach of the ad. This is calculated using monthly active users which match with your defined audience. There is no limit to this as you have the chance of getting enough people to click your link through a bigger Ad reach.

Step 4

Choose Ad placement and budget

Here you can determine where you want your Ad to be displayed as well as how much you are willing to pay daily for the Ad. You can decide that your Ad would be displayed on desktop, mobile or both. These are the selections required of you in determining your Ad placement and budget:

  • Device type

Depending on your audience, you can decide whether you want your Ads to display on Desktop, Mobile or Both. Irrespective of wherever you decide your Ads to display, Facebook would automatically allocate funds based on where they feel your Ad would best perform. When tracking your Ads, you can determine where your Ads perform better and then adjust your Ads accordingly in the future.

  • Daily Budget

Daily budgets on Facebook start from as low as just $5 per day to much more depending on how much you want to spend on the Ad.

  • Schedule

Facebook allows you schedule your Ad, whether you want it continuously or want to start and stop at specific times. This schedule should fit your budget and should also allow people enough time to click your Ad.

Step 5

Choose your Facebook Advertising Format

This determines how your viewers would view your users view your content. This implies you can use a single image, a slideshow, video or several images. Your Ad format should display like a post from a friend because people are turned off by ads until they like it.

Step 6

Complete and Run your Facebook Ad

Facebook likes and shares

After choosing your audience, uploading images, and entering your specific website details, a headline that is simple and catchy, call to action button and the budget, you can run your Ad.

Bottom line

There is a lot more when it comes to Facebook advertising, but we have set the basics here making it easier to place your Ad, monitor it properly and make adjustments where necessary.


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