A Beginners Guide to Promoting Your Business on Facebook


A guide on how to use Facebook to promote your business

Compared to other social media networks and social media platforms, Facebook is one of the most profitable and most popular social networking sites you can use to promote your business. If you choose to set up a professional Facebook business page, here are some tips that would help promote your business.

Here, we chose to mention some of the tips people fail to recognize as necessary when they try to promote their business on Facebook.

Make Connections

Let’s say your business has an online presence elsewhere like a blog or website; it is a good idea to set up a link to your Facebook page or vice versa. By doing this, when people visit your blog or website, they can click the link to your Facebook Business Page and also, your friends on Facebook can click the link to your site. I’m sure you understand the connection we are talking about now because if you can give your prospects and clients the option of finding you on Facebook, you have proven authenticity, and added personal touch. Here, they have the chance to chat with you one on one, creating a better interaction platform.

To better improve connection, you can offer your clients the chance to share your information, that way you reach many other people, promoting your business in the process.

Write Quality and Interesting Content

Sample Facebook Business Page
Sample Facebook Business Page

When people visit your Facebook Business Page, one factor that can determine if they would stay or leave is your content – the information you provide to your prospects, and clients. Your content has to be relevant, exciting, and always new so people would enjoy the experience of visiting your Facebook Page.

Create Consistent Interactions

How much interaction is enough between you and your clients is dependent on you. However, consistent interactions would be a good idea to keep them patronizing your business. For more interaction, you would need to have interactive apps on your Facebook page, like games, contests, and special offers. With the use of these interactive apps on your Facebook Page, your business information has the potential of spreading and even going viral, reaching a lot of people in the process.

Give Out Freebies

Apart from creating an interactive Facebook Page, another factor that can help you promote your business is giving out freebies. If you take out time to give out some quality freebies on your Facebook Page, the chances of your fans and followers promoting you suddenly go off the charts. This makes them want to buy whatever it is you are selling.


Advertising your Facebook page using keywords from Facebook Users Profiles is one of the best ways to advertise. By doing this, you set a target for your advertisements. You can also post your ads to a particular demographic; that way, you save a lot of time and effort, and also get your message across to your target market.

Set Your Standards

In the business world, there are specific standards as to how thing should be done to attain success. Now, you have to create a unique individuality for yourself if you want to stand out from the crowd. So, don’t conform to the standards others set; instead, capitalize on what makes you unique and use it to your advantage.

Bottom Line

Having a business and deciding to promote it using your Facebook Business Page is a process, on which when done the right way would yield the desired results. Make the most of these tips, but at the same time, do not forget to add a touch of you as this is very important.

Your business has potential, and more so when you promote it using Facebook. Unlock the potential of your business and see things grow beyond your expectation.

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