A Pay Per Click Beginner’s Guide


The first question people ask when they want to invest online is whether or not they should Pay Per Click or not.

Is PPC Marketing Good or Bad?

It is popularly known as PPC amongst internet marketers. If you have been marketing online for any period, you may have perhaps seen Pay Per Click consume a lot of advertising dollars with no tangible results.

You choose the hottest keywords via research and burn through the daily budgets with an hour or two with nothing to show for it. The stories that more traffic yields more profit is not the truth at all.

Don’t get me wrong, traffic is excellent, traffic helps improve rankings on search engines, it even helps you get more traffic, but the point is that you want sales for every penny of traffic you are paying for.

This was the problem that brought about the class action suit against Google, where a group of business claimed that the company did not do enough to prevent fraudulent clicks, making them lose money in their PPC campaigns.

I have to tell you that click fraud is not the only problem and for those who do not know about click fraud or self-clicking, it is when someone publishes a Google AdSense Ad finds a means to click ads on their website to make money without any intentions to purchase any of the advertised ad contents.

This was not the only problem as other factors such as bad choices of keyword phrases. Proper methods for choosing and bidding keyword phrases are available on PPC sites if you want to know more about that.

The most important thing to note is that if you choose popular keywords, your ads will show up on a lot of searches in an hour or less, which means a lot of clicks daily.

You have to understand what the problem is, for instance, for someone selling power banks and electronics, if you bid on the keyword “Bank”, most people who have something to do with banks would not click on it. That is to say that you are advertising for people who are not interested in what you are selling.

Those who eventually click your ads would do so without reading anything and go knowing that this is not what they are interested in. Clicking ads costs nothing, so people are not careful to do so, leaving you in an awful position.

If you want to make the most out of your Pay Per Click Program, choose your phrases carefully because doing so would help you get visitors who are ready to buy what you are advertising with less traffic and more sales depending on the ease of navigation of your site as well as your prices.

The point is that with the right and most popular keywords related to what you are selling, you would relatively have a credit card in hand buyers and save a whole lot of cost in the process.


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