Discover the Money-Making Machine- How-To Videos

How-to video

Here at BIZOP we have one goal as stated in our previous articles, and that is providing knowledge on how to make money and today, we look at a money-making machine in today’s world which is How-to Videos. First, let me ask you some questions.

Are you someone who loves being in front of a camera?

Are you good at explaining how to accomplish tasks?

If the answer is yes, then I have to tell you that if you have not been using these skills to make money, it’s never too late. You can make money creating how-to videos.

What is a How-to-video?

The definition of how-to videos is right between the lines. These sorts of videos are the type that tells people how to do anything they would have paid money for. For example, most people call their plumbers at the slightest chance they get. A how-to video on how to solve some of their plumbing problems as well as when to call a professional. You can see how useful this might be if you were in their shoes. People prefer videos when it comes to learning how to do a lot of things.

With these, you can be sure that you have an opportunity to make money. You might not even have proper knowledge of creating videos, but you can start from somewhere and improve as you move on.

Some might ask, how do I make money by publishing videos? Here are some ways you can make money from creating and publishing these videos.



This is one of the biggest platforms for publishing How-to videos and making money online. From statistics, there are about 8 years of video content uploaded daily, going to about 48 hours of video content uploaded per minute. YouTube has hundreds of millions of users which shows that making money from the platform is easy and profitable.

Signing up for YouTube is easy and free and creating and uploading videos is easy for making money. You have to earn enough viewers, and you’ll be invited to start monetizing your videos. Using YouTube, you place ads at the bottom of your video, and whenever someone clicks on any of these ads, you earn some money. You might not need to wait for YouTube to call you, you can apply for YouTube Partnership.

Information marketing

Information Marketing to a majority is merely making reports and e-books. However, the horizon has shifted to creating videos as well. How-to videos like having a successful marriage, how to get the girl of your dreams, how to dress appropriately and many more. Anything in demand that you can enlighten people. Here you can market and sell videos and DVDs. This is so good as it saves you the cost of shipping and your customers need not waste a lot of time before getting what they ordered for.


If you have any how-to information you specialize in, consider monetizing it for a video. Become an information marketer of a YouTube channel and profit from your passion.


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