Earning Money Starting A Magazine or Industry Publication

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Looking at popular magazines while growing up, many of us have looked up to start our magazine. If this is the case with you as it is with many, if you have a passion for a topic or a particular industry that you would like to share with the world? Then you can start your online magazine.

This might look strange, and I believe you are wondering what is required to start an Online Magazine?

Before going any further, let’s look at this picture together. There are many wonderful online magazines out there today, most of which started with a dream or passion for something. With a good plan and determination, comes the possibility of a successful magazine.

So, with that at the back of your mind, here are the things you need to get started:

A Topic or Niche you are interested in

This is basically the background of your magazine, basically anything you love it to be, anything from wedding dresses to men’s fashion. The major thing with this is to pick a special topic, one which is not covered by other magazines bringing a sense of uniqueness to your brand. This topic has to be exciting and enjoyable as this would also transfer to your articles, leaving your readers thrilled and wanting more.

A Good Plan

Business plan

Everything you do requires a good plan, and a magazine is no exception. With a good plan comes the need to ask yourself certain questions before moving forward with the project such as:

  • What is your magazine about?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Who will provide you with content?
  • How much will you charge for subscriptions?
  • Who will sell advertising space?
  • Who will lay out your magazine?
  • How will you market your magazine?
  • Who will design your cover?

A Website

Instead of sticking to just delivering your magazine via e-mail, another good idea is having a website where you can provide more content than you could on your magazine. This helps with providing more content as well as promoting your magazine as well.

Promotions, sale, and profits

Many magazines are free with the publisher (you) having a goal of just selling advertising space with this content. There are many affiliate endorsements with which you can make money like Verizon, basically open to mobile technology magazines which you earn a commission for every new customer you send to them and many more. This makes it a little tricky as you need to provide them with proper content and not make them feel like it is all for the advertisement.

You can charge a subscription for your magazine as well with the first one for free as a giveaway (sort of like a way of enlightening them on how good your magazine is) leaving other volumes open for subscribers.

A Good Team

Doing all the work at the beginning, mainly when things are not so tough is fine, but as time goes by, it is highly recommended that you find a few competent people who can write quality articles. This would help with the authenticity of the magazine with other good writers pitching in at some point. For affiliate marketing, consider becoming an affiliate for a few companies in your niche using their banner ads to make your website more attractive till you become a paid advertiser. The transition to being a paid advertiser would be easy for your readers with excellent and authentic content.

Good equipment

Here you would need a good computer with excellent internet connection as well as a good word processing software to design and layout your magazine. Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and many more products can help with this. With a computer and the basic software’s, you are good to go.

Your passion for a topic and your dream to start an online magazine is possible. All you need is a plan, the necessary tools, and you’re good to go.

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