How To Build Successful eBay Business In 5 Easy Steps


Do you spend a lot of time on eBay? Do you have a proficiency for finding great deals while others don’t see? If you enjoy hunting incredible deals, you can make your hobby into a business that brings you money. At this post, you have all the necessary steps to start right away from your home personal computer, or notebook sitting on a beach.

What is an eBay business?

When the last time you visit a mall? Do you remember some of the stores? Someone almost every minute visiting them. Consider eBay of one of the biggest malls you ever saw, in 2018 eBay reached 179 million active users. Besides selling eBay also is known as an auction site.  People look for items they need and bid on them. The biggest bid win. As a seller, you can sell your items or find great deals on the internet and sell them. For example, you can sell you jeans you bought, and you don’t like it anymore, or you can find an excellent deal for stock in ( is an online market like but sells in wholesale) and sell at higher prices. You also can target a specific product, explore it and resell it.

Your primary job as an eBay business owner is to find the most wanted products with the lowest prices, make promotion, resell it in with profit and send it to the buyer.  It’s easy as that.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

Make things happen

To start your eBay business, you’ll need a few things:

  • First of all, find the product with high selling rates
  • A camera to picture your product, better is you buy portable white photo studio with it, it should cost around 12 $.
  • Set up an eBay store for less than 20$
  • You must be sure that the product you chose can be sold with profit considering promotion. I mean you must first calculate all your expenses (product, advertising, website costs including domain and hosting, etc… ).
  • Better for you if you consider creating your website, but you don’t have to. eBay has a great sell, and you can reach your goals without a site.

Note: You own homemade items can be sold on eBay too. Tons of people sell jewelry, clothing, handmade stuff, art. You can also sell information products like eBooks.

5 Easy Steps For and Growing Your eBay Business

Grow your idea
  1. Create a plan and write him on paper or text/doc/pages file. It is an essential part of every business – planning! The plan must always be near you, and you must check every time.
  2. Study your competition. The more competition you have, the better for you. You can tell “hey, why I need a product with so much competition”? Competition means the item have buyers!
  3. Create your store. If you create a website you’ll need on your site:
    • Logo
    • Store description
    • A home page
    • An about us page
    • Privacy policy page
    • Store categories
    • Gallery view
  4. Planning and designing your website on paper will help to create a great online business.

  5. Create a social media business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twiter or any other platform you like(I prefer Facebook).
  6. Consider using eBay marketing tools or find other tools on the internet. The more you tools you using and learning the more your income grows. Tools you should use:
  • Seo
  • Keywords
  • Email marketing tools
  • Social media promotion tools

First of all, you must enjoy your doings; if you enjoy selling and buying, skills will come for you. It’s as simple as that, cost-effective and very easy to do. So, don’t waste your time to create your plan and start making money today.


In my Future posts, I’ll give you all the best knowledge about all marketing tools, creating logos, Seo, email marketing tools and a lot more.


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