How To Create a Website Without any Programming or Website Design skills?

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Have you see those perfect websites and thought, wow, who create that website must be genius? I’m pretty sure until today you believe that web site development is backbreaking work. That for this work you must be a programmer and very good at web design.

I have news for you; I created a step by step tutorial for you that will help you to build a fantastic website for less than an hour. In my tutorial, you don’t need any programming or design skills at all.

Skills you need:


Ohh, wait, you don’t need any new skills. All that you need is free will and a couple of hours every day. If you thought that you get results without doing anything, you’re wrong. You must give at least a couple of hours a day.

The time you need to create a website:
About the time, I can’t promise you anything. The reason for that is that we all different; we all think different. There are who can do it in 30 minutes, and there are some in 5 hours or even more. One thing I can tell you for sure, don’t push it. Don’t overthink, do it!

In our days, you can find tons of tutoring websites about creating a website. The most important is, don’t forget about your web site quality.
Today there are more than one and a half billion websites in the world.
How many do you think are active websites from this vast number?
You may not beliving me, but the number is 10-15 % active websites.
Guess what, the main reason for that number is website quality but leave for now; we’ll talk about that later.

Website building platform
As you already heard the number of websites in the world, the number of websites building platforms is much smaller, but still pretty significant. I don’t know all of them, and here I’ll show you the most used platforms.

Most used website platforms.

The photo taken from Trends.builwith

As far ad you can see WordPress is the most used platform

Most of those platforms offer you, website builder. We won’t talk about most of them because, in this guide, I will teach to use the free WordPress platform and will show you the best website builder for this platform. I choose WordPress because it is the most flexible and the platform I know, and it is free to use.

Are you ready? Le’ts begin!

First step: Get a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Best web hosting
Best Web Hosting Services Featured 2019

You must hear about that a lot, but probably you don’t know yet what domain or web hosting means. So the domain name is your website address like “” Web hosting is a place where your website file stored. Please see my post – “Best web hosting Services 2020”. That post will explain you better what is web hosting, and how it works. In the same post, I gave you ten web hosting companies; and after deep and hard research, I found those are the best companies to start. I could provide you, like most tutoring websites, one web hosting company. But I want you to choose your web hosting company depending on your needs and your budget.

Most of the web hosting companies I provide you have a free domain included. However, if you choose a service that doesn’t include a free domain name GoDaddy is the perfect solution for that. My all domains are from GoDaddy.

I suggest you don’t have your business name yet. To choose your business name, you can use “”. It is a free website that generates business names using your keywords, and he can check domain availability for that name too.

I don’t think I need to show you how to register on web hosting or domain name company. It is pretty simple, but if you still have a problem with registration, all companies I gave you have 24/7 support that will be happy to help you with registration. If you still have a question, please don’t hesitate and contact me.

Choose your Website hosting plan

Most of the web hosting companies have at least three paid plans.
If you are a low budget, you can choose the minimal plan, although I will advise you to take at least the medium package. There are a couple of simple reasons for that; the first one – the higher plan you, the more your discount is. The second one – if you are creating your first website, believe me, there will be more. Mostly the minimum plan is not good enough for more than one site. Of course, you always can upgrade your plan but without the new user discount.

Step Two: Set Up Your Website

Glad to see you on this step already. If you’re here, I assume that you’ve already chosen your business name and domain and even have web hosting. If you weren’t, please do so before continuing.

In my research with the best web hosting companies, one of the criteria was easy to use. So, most of them you will find cPanel with a one-click WordPress installation. It should look like in the image below.

The photo was taken from Hostgator cPanel

After installing WordPress on your website you will get an email with your credentials.
After that, you can go to your website and you will see that first look on your website.

WordPress first look

Login into your website using credentials you got to your email address and
Yuuuhooo, your first login into your WordPress panel.
You also can log in to your website typing: “” (yourdomain should be replaced with your website domain name.).

Setting up a WordPress website

The first thing you want to do on your website is to change your site title, tagline and to allow people to live comments. The site title and tagline are describing users what the site is about. It is very important to have your unique site title and tagline. To change your tagline and the site title your should press settings>general.

Step three: Website Design

Web design is the most crucial step in the whole process. Your website design must look professional and not a three old boy website. No customer won’t less on your site if it’ll look poor.

Lucky for you, WordPress has highly customized free themes you could use for your website.
I could give you here a list of themes that I think will be best for you, but it isn’t the right thing to do. I don’t know your niche and for each niche that would be another WordPress theme.
However, you should choose your theme according to what this web will be. It could be a blog or e-commerce website or anything else you want.

To choose from the free themes you can by pressing Appearance>Themes>Add New on the left menu.

WordPress Themes

Installing the theme from the list is very easy. Once you found your preferred theme, you pointing on the theme with your mouse and pressing install. After the theme is successfully installed on your WordPress the install button will be replaced with the activate button. Press the activate button, and holla your first theme is live.

install wordpress theme

If you are looking for more professional themes you also can get themes outside of WordPress.
My preferred site where I get all my themes for all my websites is ThemeForest.
ThemeForest has more than 12,000 themes for every website.

To add a new theme from outside WordPress you should first install the zip file. Press Appearance>Themes>Add New in the left panel, and in the left upper side your site press the upload theme button.

upload wordpress theme

Remember: Changing, deleting your themes won’t delete your posts, pages, menus, and content. You can change themes as often as you want without having to worry about losing what you’ve created.

Step Four: Adding Content To Your Website

After setting up your WordPress and installing a new theme your website is ready to get his new content.

Adding and editing posts and pages

Every website must include a privacy policy. For that, you’ll need
With you can generate yourself privacy policy and cookie solution in minutes, and with my link, you’ll get a 10% discount.

In the left sidebar menu, you will see posts, pages, media, settings options. For creating a new page or post, move your mouse cursor to the needed point and press add new.

New wordpress post

WordPress page or posts editor is very simple. You just adding text or uploading images to it.

new post image

Press publish on the right upper corner, and that’s it your first post or page is published.

Creating your menu

The website menu is for helping your website users navigate easily on your website.
To create that menu, you should press Appearance>Menu>Create Menu.

WordPress menu

On the left side, you’ll find “Add menu items”. This is where you find pages or posts to add to your menu. After adding all that you need to the menu, press “save menu.”.

Step Five: Adding Plugins

What is a plugin?

Plugins are extensions that are built to add WordPress more features and functions, that are not included in WordPress itself. WordPress plugins are written in PHP language like WordPress itself, and that’s giving them to integrate easily. There thousands of plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.

To get plugins you press Plugins>Add new choose your plugin, install and then activate it.

Remember those things about plugins:

  • Get Plugin for encreasing site security and speed
  • Don’t install not necessary plugins, and delete all the inactive plugins.
  • Get plugin for daily backups
  • Update your plugins(You must back up your site before each update)
  • Make sure to install plugins that not conflicts
  • The premium plugin doesn’t mean the best plugin, there are a lot of good free plugins

Plugins you must have:

Yoast SEO for WordPress: If you want your website SEO optimized, Yoast is a must-have plugin. You don’t have to the premium plugin fro a beginning the free version is good enough.

Google Analytics: This is a plugin that will help you to track your visitors, to see behaviors. You need to install that plugin and connect it with google analytics account.

Congratulation – You are ready to create your first website!

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