How to Earn Money Flipping Websites


How to earn money flipping websites

The year 2019 is moving fast, and the question on everyone’s mind is, how can I make money?

Statistics have shown that the statement “How do I make money online” constitutes for a whopping 22% of global searches. I know, you’re part of that group which is not bad, it just goes to show you know what to do and need to be pointed to the right direction which brings me to the topic today: How to earn money flipping websites.

You might be telling yourself; I have been doing this for free all along. Well, there’s never a wrong time to be right, and it is never late to begin.

Now for someone who enjoys being online and loves to work online, this is something you can do to earn money, and this is also something you can begin without any skills whatsoever. Many people love to make money (me inclusive) and are willing to pay good money for good and running websites as it saves them time allowing them to move past the trying stage websites go through.

So, what is website flipping?

Website flipping uses the same concept as house flipping, where you take a struggling website or an unused website domain, brush it up, improve its performance and sell it for a better price than you bought it. There are a lot of unused domain names, domain names that have been purchased but are not in use and finally, struggling websites and the point of flipping is to purchase the domain in whatever category and make it a good website, one which people would love to buy.

The First Step

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As a potential website flipper, the first step is to search for popular online topics like the keto diet, and with that, you have a starting point.

You can start by looking for a good domain name and build the website on that topic. You can also buy a domain name that is already owned but not in use, and this might cost you a bit more, but the point is that good domain names cost more money.

Another option is to look for a website on the topic that is struggling (poor publishing rate, lack of website time) and make an offer for the website where you can make money from.

The Key to Successful Flipping

Successful flipping means increasing the traffic of the website as well as the earning of the website. Doing this means having a lot of content as well as good keywords. The need for good and consistent content can be scary, but you do not need to write it yourself. You could hire someone to do it for you from a freelance site. Many website flippers use private label rights to fill their sites with excellent and original content (content written and sold to others). Such content needs modification so it can be unique to search engines.

Once a site is up and running and ready to sell, you can list your site for sale on special directories, and the point is that once you begin to earn money from this, it becomes more of a habit than a job. Website flipping is an excellent way to make money online, and I think you can make something out of it as well.


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