How to Make Extra Money Sharing Your Thoughts Via Reviews

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The online market is saturated with many ways of making money today. The problem is the majority do not know how to make money, and for those who know how, they have challenges with how to go about it. With the saturation of many opportunities for making money comes something far different from the rest which is making money via your opinions.

Do you have strong and convincing opinions? Do you have a thing for sharing these opinions and discussing your point of view? If the answer is yes, then you can rest assured that there is money to be made. Looking at this I know what is at the back of your mind.

How do you make money from this? Who is a professional reviewer?

Professional reviewers are people who make money from reviewing products and services. There are many avenues for starting this, but a significant starting point is creating a review website that caters for specific niches.

One of the easiest and most common is a book reviewer. As a book reviewer, if you love thrilling books, you can create a website for thriller books, read these books and write reviews for them. This website does not only allow you to make money by writing reviews but also via advertising. With a website you can sell advertising space, giving you the chance to make money as you have visitors and followers troop into your website. Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense are also platforms with which you can make money via your book review website.

Getting back to our main reason for this article (sharing reviews), many companies pay good money for these reviews and you can signup with many review companies to become a professional reviewer. In this case, you might not need a website as these reviews are posted on these other websites with the average pay ranging from $10 – $25.

Tools to Get Started

Review time

To become a paid reviewer, you would need the following tools:

  • Review samples you can show prospective clients from your portfolio
  • You’ll need to research potential review opportunities and signup for those you can work with
  • A computer and a good internet connection

If you have decided to create your review website, you would need the following tools:

  • A computer and a good internet connection
  • A website with a specific niche based on your review niche
  • A Google AdSense Account if you intend to make money advertising
  • An affiliate account with relevant companies giving you the chance to earn money on placing banner Ads.
  • Review contents with personality and style (you can research other review companies to have a better understanding of what this entails).

At a point, when you feel the need for the growth of the business, you can consider the following:

  • Partnership with relevant business owners
  • A business plan which outlines your strategies and goals
  • Social networking

So, if you enjoy discussing and sharing your opinions and making money at the same time, choose a niche, create a website and start making money from this goldmine today.

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