How to Make Money on Facebook –Beginners Tips


When we talk about making money on Facebook, most people look at it like some rip-off tagging it as impossible to make money on Facebook. While there are a lot of scams on making money online, Facebook does offer genuine ways to make money. One thing that makes Facebook genuine is the time it takes and the learning process required for it to yield. Compared to simple scams, offering a lot of money for less of your time and effort, Facebook requires more time.

Making money on Facebook requires you to invest your time and some money as well. So, if you want to make money on Facebook, here are some beginner tips that would help you:

Facebook itself

The Facebook Logo
The Facebook Logo….

There are many groups on Facebook, which specifically specialize in teaching others to make money online. All you need to do is search for such groups, join them, and learn as much as you can from experienced members. You can also get free resources like e-books and other instructional items from these groups.

Take Things Slowly

To make money on Facebook, you have to take things slowly in the beginning. As a beginner on Facebook, you have to take things slowly. As you take on projects, you learn as you go, using the mistakes of the first to better the next. This process helps you learn better compared to when you try to learn too much at a time.

Your Fan Page/visitors page

Your fan page or visitors page is like your identity on Facebook, where you post graphics, images, and anything relevant to your business. You can do a lot of amazing things on your Facebook page, like hosting contests and other promotions. Your Facebook fan page has to be attractive and compelling to attract a lot of visitors.

Facebook Advertising

Once your Facebook Fan Page has been set up, with all the attractive content added to it, you can begin making money using Facebook ads. This would take a lot of research as you would need to find out about the people you would be selling to by searching their Facebook user profiles. You can also make ads that can be posted on the side of their Facebook page matching their likes and shared interests. This way, you meet the right set of people and make the most of the ads posted.


Making Apps for Facebook
Making Apps for Facebook

Applications are also used to make money on Facebook. Whether you purchase one from a developer or develop one for yourself, an app can be a good selling point for you. I know when I mentioned developing an app, you sounded disappointed because it seems so difficult. Well, I would say that is not the case because there are a lot of user-friendly tools and resources on the internet that would help with creating an app for yourself.

Bottom Line

Making money on Facebook is a considerable possibility, but as it is with other good ways to make money online, it takes time. The point, however, is that if you take your time to learns as you try to earn, then, I would say that money would be made in no time.


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