How to Make Money Online Advertising


If you want to make money online advertising, there are different models for making that work, it all depends on what you prefer doing. So, without further ado, lets dive right into the methods of making money online advertising.



This is more common now than it was about a decade ago, meaning that the market is saturated, it does not mean there is no money to be made, it just means you got to put your back into it. The first step is to create a YouTube channel which is free, choose a niche you’ll prefer (comedy, football, science) depending on what you like and then start making videos. Once you have a sizable audience of subscribers, you can apply for the monetization of your videos. You simply paste your Ad codes into the code of your video (same as AdSense) and each time someone clicks on an Ad while watching your video, you are paid.

Selling Advertising on your Blog or Website

Owning a blog grants you the liberty to sell advertising space on your blog. As a blog or website with much traffic, you can charge more for advertising. You have positions where these ads can be placed and you just create a page on your site with ad information like advertising prices, policies, and contact information.

Another way to make money on your blog or website via advertising is by participating in PPC (pay per click) advertising programs like Google AdWords where you earn money when visitors click on your website or in-content Ads.

Once you sign-up for free, you enter website information as well as ad size, style, and design where they would give you ad codes to paste on your website. The fun thing is that they have tutorials on how to do basically everything and even go as far as helping you optimize your ads to make enough money online via their advertisement platform. This method is really easy anyone can start this up with little initial investment.

Other Methods Beyond Videos, Blogs, and Websites

Content publishing sites like Squidoo pages allow users to register, create profiles, publish new contents and ads and make a profit in the process. This means you just have to choose a niche you can work on and make sure it is something people would love to read.

Final Thoughts

Advertising allows you to make money once you can create the content of videos that can captivate your audience. If you keep the grass green, the sheep would lie, basically meaning that it’s not about starting but by continuing on the path. Once you’re an active user online and you would love to share information in your way, you can make a lot of money online advertising. This is not just a way of making money online but a fun way at that. The early period might be tough but I can assure you if you keep at it, doing it in the right way then profit would soon follow.

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