How to Sell your Recipes Online Successfully


A Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Selling Your Recipes Online

In a previous post, we have looked at making money online via your love for food and recipes. Today we look to take it one step further by showing you how to sell these recipes online successfully. In the past and in recent times, the success of some restaurants boils down to recipes passed down from one generation to the other. These recipes are unique and help them stand out among the competition. Do you have a special recipe? Something people always ask you to make often. This is something you can make money from.

So how do you make money online from these recipes?

Selling the Recipe

You can make money by selling your recipes online. This is something you can do by putting together a short eBook with your family recipe and sell online. With the use of digital publishing platforms like Amazon, you can sell your book for a few dollars, making a lot of money over time.

eCommerce traffic
eCommerce traffic

You can also sell your recipe by creating a website or blog. This blog or website also gives you the chance to sell advertising space which is also a plus in your income. Your blog posts can also be monetized by advertising on them using Google AdSense, meaning that you have more than one source of income with just a single blog.

Finally, you can publish these recipes on YouTube, making money by monetizing the video and earning money based on clicks and sales as well.

Selling the Product Itself

You can also make these recipes and sell the food online. Whatever it is you are making; it can be sold online. The best way to do this is by setting up your online shop on Shopify. Shopify is an online market where you can practically sell anything. Set up your store and start selling most of your home-made foods. Be sure that it is neat and enjoyable, to keep customers coming back for more. Make sure you have an efficient and cost-effective way of shipping foods to customers to prevent it from getting to them ruined.


For this business to work, which is the same for other businesses, planning is vital. Decide who your customers and target audience are and make sure you give then the best of what you have to offer. Price your items competitively and make sure that your website, blog or online store is regularly updated. Market your business as this would go a long way in reaching out to new clients and customers. Make it a habit to perfect the process of making your recipes better, in which overtime would profit you. Your special recipes and passion for making food mixed with hard work and consistency would overtime lead to profit. Your passion is not just a passion; it is a money-making opportunity, one you can start making the best out of right away.

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