How to Use Keyword Density to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Learning How to Calculate Keyword Density

The best way to drive traffic to websites is through quality articles. With useful articles, amongst other factors such as fast website speed, your website can have high rankings in search result pages. The higher your site ranking, the higher the traffic, and with more traffic comes more profit. Traffic also helps generate more potentials for other schemes which help generate extra income.

When people use search engines, they are in search of something and the data they input into these search engines are known as keywords.

The Google Search engine
The Google Search engine

Looking at what we have just said here, one might think that having many articles on your website would mean instant profit. However, there are other requirements, one of which is Keyword density. These requirements are compulsory if you would make the best out of what an article has to offer on your site.

Before going any further, let us define keyword density. Keyword density is the number of times a keyword appears on an article on a particular web page as a ratio or percentage. Now that we understand keyword density let us move further.

Here are some tips that would assist you in making the best articles for your site. These tips would help you with writing successful articles, making your website one with heavy traffic and the profit to go with.

Center Your Articles on Keywords and Keyword Phrases

 When people are online majority are in search of answers. On writing a particular query, they input keywords into their search. The search engines bring out results based on what it is they are looking for, and if you are at the top of the food chain, then you find more people checking out your site.

Have articles that contain keywords related to your site

There are many tools online which help web owners, and webmasters figure out which keywords and keyword phrases are most sought out by people, and it is, therefore, essential to use these tools to make sure that the keywords used by you are sought by many people online.

These keywords have to be related to your website for it to be relevant to people searching for them.

Make sure you do not overdo keyword repetition

We know how relevant keywords are, especially when it comes to getting traffic from search engines. However, it is essential not to overdo it. Most times, people overdo it, repeating keywords in places they ought not. Once you do this, your article would be passed off as a spam article or an artificially generated article.

Simple steps to check the keyword density

Copy your content from an article of yours and paste it into a word-processing software like Word.

Check the left base of the word document to know the word count.

Select the Find function on the Edit menu. Then type in the keyword, and you would see how many times the keyword appeared

Using the total word count, the total number of keywords would help you calculate the density of the keywords.

How to Calculate Keyword Density

Suppose you have 200 words on your article (excluding HTML codes) and you use your keywords four times in your content. You can calculate the keyword density this way:

Ten is divided by 200, which equals 0.05. since keyword density is calculated as a percentage, you have to multiply it by 100, that is 100×0.05=5%

The accept standard for keyword density should be between 3 to 5%. Here, you get recognized by search engines, and you do not get tagged as spam.

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