Self-examination for Online Entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur is an excellent decision, I mean, it is one which is a unique advantage to you as well as your income but, has becoming an entrepreneur made things better or worse. The truth is that information is essential to the prosperity of any venture, but what you do with the information matters the most. Many individuals claim that those who succeed as entrepreneurs today are merely lucky and have had it easy, but the truth is that they have used their information better. 

Overtime here at we tend to bring to you, different ways to make money online with the majority of people making it happen from there on in. Wonder why things don’t go your way. Here are some things you might be doing wrong.


Procrastination is a thief of time which causes you to push things forward and tell yourself you’d do it at a later time. The human brain tends to look for a time where it is least open to stress and so doing that; you end up doing nothing at all or maybe little. You have to understand that when you postpone an opportunity, you are almost saying you are not ready for it. At any time an opportunity comes your way, you have to know that that’s it and the minute you push it till later, it slowly passes you by.

The art of seeking perfection

Don’t get me wrong, perfection is good, but perfection is also an art that comes from practice. Most times we tell ourselves we need to slow things down to make them perfect when we don’t want to do them at that moment (sort of like procrastinating but with a different excuse). Never look for perfection; practice perfection.

Giving excuses

There is no opportunity without a mountain to climb, and with the completion of any task comes happiness. You have to understand that there are two categories of people, those who give excuses for them not doing what is necessary for them to make as much money as they should, and those who irrespective of the problems that confront them, get things done. You have to understand that nothing big starts big and for you to make it big, you have to start small.

The Solution is self-examination

Getting to this, you need to look at yourself and where you are at the moment and the reason why some things are working, while others are not. You need to examine what is right and what is not and take out time to fix it while it is still possible. The step to become independent is a step of courage which not many can take.

According to Socrates “ A life without self-examination is not worth living” and the minute you stop settling down to look at where you are getting it right and where you are getting it wrong, you would find out that you are not in control of your life and would most certainly amount to nothing in life.

Bottom line

Sitting down and looking at all that we have accomplished for the year so far, as well as all that we have missed, I believe this to be the right step to take. Most of the articles published here are actually of no use if you are not determined to make the best of your situation. The year 2019 is saturated with many ways to make money online, and only those who make the most of it would look back at the year on conclusion and smile. You have a lot to offer yourself as well as the world.

Going further into the year, we would keep on enlightening ourselves on how to make money as well as how to maximize opportunities.

From all of us at, “make the most of your life, you deserve it.”

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