The most profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches for 2019


Searching for the most profitable affiliate marketing niche for your business is really serious business either as a beginner who wants to start affiliate marketing or a professional who looks to improve his business irrespective of whatever height you may have attained.

The reason why as an Affiliate Marketer, your top priority should be looking out for profitable niches for your business is as follows:

  1. It attracts new customers
  2. People love to see something new
  3. With every new niche comes new topics and subtopics

When it comes to these different niches, certain things never go out of style, and we call them “Classic Niches” while some others are “the New Niches” which are just experimental and last for a period.

At this junction, we would start with the classic affiliate marketing niches and end up adding some of the new and experimental niches, let’s go.

Health and fitness niche

Even those who find it difficult to stay in shape and those who do not work out at all want to feel better or younger, as this is human nature.

The good news about this niche is that with the advancement of technology and medicine, this niche is one with many branches, one which you can explore right away.

Muscle building niche

Muscle building is a trending niche today as most individuals make it a priority to bulk up. This Niche includes everything relater t building muscles, gym activities, weight training and even supplementing while training. With this niche, we have new ideas cropping up daily as science seems to bring up new ways of building muscles making this an ever-green niche for affiliate marketers.

Weight loss and dieting

In America alone, the percentage of overweight men and women seems to be skyrocketing with statistics showing 32.5 percent and 35.5 percent respectively. With this in mind, niches and sub-niches related to weight loss, working out and dieting is forever something for people to search for.

As an affiliate marketer, keeping up to date with the latest food diets of the year, on-demand weight loss products, and medical studies would always keep you in the spotlight, making sure you profit from this venture.


Statistics from the World Health Organization has shown that around 350 million people around the world are depressed with the majority of them trying to find solutions to how they feel (including celebrities). Depression is a vast topic and can be something to explore and make the best of.

Making Money Online Niches

The internet connects everyone today, and since people have discovered that the internet not only connects people but is a means of making money, this has become a hot affiliate marketing niche as it opens up opportunities to a lot of individuals who necessarily would not have it.

Working from home

This industry is basically for people of all ages and qualifications. The advantages of working at home seem to be enormous as major companies use many work-at-home individuals as a major workforce for pushing themselves forward.

Digital marketing

This is one niche that has evolved over the past couple of years. This involves advertising through various channels like e-mails, search engines, mobile apps or websites. Companies today are aware of the effectiveness of digital marketing and are willing to pay for online marketing.

Relationship niches

  • Relationship niches

Wow, evergreen. I’m speechless when it comes to this. If you only knew how much is spent on the dating industry and relationship advice.

  • Dating

The online dating industry in the United States alone is worth over $2.6 billion, showing that this is a goldmine waiting to be harnessed by affiliate marketers.

  • Marriage

Weddings are really expensive, I mean, really expensive. In 2016, the average cost of an American wedding was $35,000. That is to say that the minute the word wedding enters a normal scenario, it becomes really expensive like a dress, suit, cake, flowers and many more.

If you can be influential in this niche, I can guarantee you are making good bucks.

Passion niche

Anything people personally love is good for affiliate marketing as people spend a lot of money on their passion.

  • Expensive Hobbies

A lot of people have things they love doing that not everyone can afford, that is where the work expensive comes in. Things like fishing, sailing, golfing and so much more. Targeting any of these as an affiliate marketer means you’re targeting individuals with deep pockets which means more for you.

  • Pets

People love their pets as most of them are like family. Especially dogs and cats. Focusing on providing information on the basic needs of these members of the family is the right way to go as there would always be a need for pet products and the likes of them.

New age niches

These are niches just starting out and still have a long way to go to become one of the best niches. Though they are profitable, they still have limited audience which makes it upcoming for now.

  1. Survivalism
  2. 3D-Painting
  3. Sports gaming
  4. Nootropics (supplements that enhance memory)
  5. Investing in Digital currency

Bottom line

With these as well as many more, you understand what is, and what is not. With the right knowledge on affiliate marketing, the sky is your starting point, taking point on one of these niches and growing it is the way forward as an affiliate marketer.

There is no limit to what you can do as well as how much you can make, the question is, How far can you see……


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