The Winning Mentality – The Key to Growing Rich as An Internet Entrepreneur

Success mindset


If I must be sincere, the majority of people see making significant money online as a fairytale. Looking at investing money into internet entrepreneurship as a total waste of time. Some know what it takes but still, make nothing out of their endeavors.

If I must be honest with you, many people look like they want to succeed but, on the inside, they are very lazy and virtually do all they do so that people can acknowledge them. The real work is done when nobody is watching when there is nobody to motivate you but you.

Here we will talk about a few factors not only for success but factors that would turn you from a small-time website owner to an internet tycoon.

 We will cover the following:

  • The importance of having the entrepreneur mindset and choosing the right vehicle for you
  • Choosing the business model that works
  • The pathway for success in internet marketing by using our 4-step system
  • The common pitfalls that lead to failure.

Entrepreneur mindset and right vehicle

Entrepreneur Mindset

Correct mindset

The Entrepreneur mindset is the winning mindset, and you have to understand that the birthplace of any success is the mind.

Before trying out anything including internet marketing, the first thing you have to properly attend to is your mindset.

What do we mean by developing the entrepreneur mindset? We mean the following:

  • You have to understand that if you want to get rich quickly, making online is not the thing for you. It takes time and effort to get there.
  • You have to invest in educating yourself because if you are not willing to pay the price of growth, then you are not ready to succeed as an internet marketer. It took you a long time to get a degree, and you want to become an internet master.
  • Invest your time in trial by error. By doing this, you fail, learn from your mistakes and make better choices making you better at every instance.
  • You must be prepared to take shit from negative people. Many people believe that making money online is a total waste of time and the people who will make you feel bad are those who you think should motivate you and if you don’t take care, you would eventually give in.
  • You must be prepared to go all the way. If you get a job today, you would wake up early and get home late. The same goes for internet marketing. You should be prepared to go all the way to succeed.

Choosing the right vehicle

Having the right mentality is great, but having the right vehicle to get you there alongside the right mentality is better. If you want to move from one point to another, it is not enough to know that, it is imperative to have the right vehicle to get you there. Walking, you can only motivate yourself for a time, but eventually, you’ll give up.

We tell ourselves sometimes that we would eventually get there but sometimes, getting to our destination late is as good as failing. Yes, it takes time to get there but wasting time in that mentality is the worst thing to do because eventually, it leads to failure.

Sure, it takes time to build a solid online reputation and make money but any money you are not making means you’re losing money doing what does not profit you.

As we move on, we would be talking about choosing the right business model but at the moment, what is important to know is you must have:

  • The proper mindset (success mentality)
  • The right vehicle to get us to our destination

The success blueprint

The success blueprint involves FINDING A PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL. There are a lot of business models on the internet today, and as a beginner, your goal is to start making money as fast as possible taking little time to achieve it.

This is your vehicle to achieving success because you have to look for a business model which is already proven to be a money-making business model.

For this, here are some suggestions:

Resell rights: selling other people’s products with 100% of the profit for you while getting viral traffic at the same time.

Niche marketing: finding a good niche market to make your money online.

Private label rights: having 100% ready to go products in your name as your brand.

Whatever model you choose, remember to have a long-term mentality, work hard, work smart and always bring value to what you do.

Note: don’t try to reinvent the wheel: a simple mistake newbies make is trying to reinvent the wheel. Trying to formulate a new way of making money online is not the problem, the point is that there are methods other individuals have tried, tested, and perfected through years of trials and you coming to say that you can do it better and in another day is legendary (let me ask you? Can you do something for 10 years without profit without making money in a bid to reinvent the wheel and still keep at it) and should be a secondary objective.

Follow the system of other trusted marketers, and when it works for you, you improve from there.

Four steps to success

Success as we know it and in terms of what we are talking about takes four steps and following these steps guarantees your success online.

Find a skill

One of the easiest ways to make money online is selling a skill online which could any form of service you can provide to help other marketers use their time for something else.

Here are examples:

Writing: you can become a copywriter, creative writer, or a ghostwriter, selling your skills to other marketers.

Graphic designing: creating great E-book cover in 2d and 3d or graphic banners for mini-sites.

Networking: helping others recruit affiliates for their product launches.

Technical: you can also go into programming and other technical things you are good at.

One of the major things that drives the winning mindset is your ability to work hard and serve other people. Eventually, the low pay and stress would eventually pay off.

Create your product

This comes when you have taken your time to develop enough expertise with your skills through hard work and service to others. Here you can turn these skills to a product.

These skills must bring value to others as these are the only thing you monetize. Once you become a success story doing what you do, others would love to learn, making your product something others would like to buy.

Create a business

Combining your products gives you a system which you follow and with a system comes a working business. It is important to know that building a business requires a personal holistic approach which requires you to not only focus on your primary skills but other things like outsourcing tasks to other individuals.

As a writer, you need to develop a network of other skills like graphics, as well as other platforms for development, making it a complete system for marketing your business.

Automating your business

Automating your business

At a point of developing your business, it would take too much time and the best step to take is to automate your business, by allocating duties to other people.

This does not mean relinquishing ownership; it merely implies training other people to be able to run the business for you. This even means you can also hire people who are smarter than you in that particular section to get it done for you.

You might pay them a lot of money, but you would have more time to do other things.



In this section, we would have to look at the pitfalls internet entrepreneurs must avoid by all means:

Waiting for things to happen

“With the ability to think and grow rich comes the responsibility of taking action.” The worst mistake to make is waiting for things to happen, waiting all day for sales to pick up is the worst thing you can ever do.

If things are not going as expected, you must do all it takes for it to go as you want.

Dealing with machines instead of humans

Another mistake internet marketing newbies make is “being stale” and not going with the hottest trends. In dealing with humans, you need the human touch. If you are writing an article and a machine says it’s okay, does it mean that humans would like it? Think about that.

Lack of focus

Whatever you do requires focus. Whatever traffic generating method you follow requires your utmost focus. It is better to have one way you can focus on than many you cannot handle producing bad results.


If you are willing to make it on the internet, you must be willing to pay the price, believing in yourself.

You have to ask yourself, am I:

  • Prepared to make sacrifices to achieve my goals and aspirations?
  • Willing to spend the time in front of the computer so I can reap the rewards in the end?
  • Bold enough to persevere through the negative people around going against my dreams?
  • Willing to provide value to other people putting aside the “I must get something from it mentality”?
  • Willing to think big?
  • Willing to run my online business as a full-time venture instead of part-time?

The point of the whole thing is that, whatever the mind can conceive, we can do. So if you cannot see it, you cannot achieve it.

Believe, work hard and do your best to grow because nobody would do it for you.

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