Time Management – the Do’s and Don’ts


How To Manage Your Time Properly While Working

Are you an online entrepreneur? Are you new to internet marketing? Or have you recently started selling products online?  Are you looking to properly manage your time? One of the first problems you experience is the feeling of being overwhelmed by work and not having enough time. When it comes to internet marketing, there are a lot of dos and don’ts. It would be essential to highlight that they are all critical, with none of them more significant than the other. Let’s go.

managing time
managing time

Do Not Surf the Internet When Working

Making money on the internet demands that you use the internet. The problem is that the internet is a pool of distractions. You can be working and the next thing you know, you find yourself playing games or reading the news online. So, while working, stay working and avoid any distractions in order to properly manage your time.

Do Not Mix Work and Personal matters Together

Surfing the internet for personal purposes instead of work is one lousy step to be taking as an online entrepreneur. The internet is a tool for research and making money, and if you want to do personal stuff, there should be time for personal things. When you are working, you should be working. Mixing things up is a platform for distractions and not managing your time properly

Do Not Give Up When You Are Overwhelmed

Sometimes, it is reasonable to get overwhelmed with work. You find it difficult to get things done at this point. For writers, it might be writer’s block, for internet marketers, it might be fatigue among others. Sometimes things do not go as we expect, but one thing is sure, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Do not give up, and with a little time, the tides would turn for the better. So, with regards to managing your time, never give up.

Do Remember to Take Out Time to Have Fun Outside Work

We highlighted earlier that it would not be a good idea to play games while working. This is true. Now, this might sound like fun to you, but it isn’t. The best definition of fun is doing things off the internet. Real-life happenings that can act as memories whenever you feel bored or tired of work. So to manage your time, you have to spend time doing what you love outside work.

Do create a personal account for your business

If you work online, one thing is sure; you would receive emails and texts from clients. If your personal email is the same as your work email, then you are bound to get distracted. To prevent this from happening, and manage your time properly, take out time to create a work account for anything you are doing online, preventing it from intertwining with your personal life and getting you distracted.


From the looks of things, I’m sure that this was not what you were expecting when we mentioned time management. But here at Bizopzone, we look to take things deeper, addressing the in-depth aspect of any subject. No matter how you plan, if you do not make it a responsibility to do most of the things mentioned here, then at some point, you would find yourself slowly drifting back to the point before you even thought of managing your time with nothing to show for your efforts. From us here, see you next week.

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